CIA Told Their Taliban Prisoners to Talk or Die
The new Secretary General of Amnesty International is visiting Pakistan to highlight the plight of Afghan refugees.

Irene Khan is due in Peshawar to visit refugee camps and meet Afghan victims of human rights abuse.

The visit comes after Amnesty called for an inquiry into the mass prison killings in Qala-i-Jhanghi fort.

It follows new video footage of events shortly before the deaths at the fort near Mazar-e-Sharif

Hundreds of Taliban and al Qaida fighters were killed in the uprising last month.

An Amnesty International spokesman said: "The video footage which has emerged is alarming and strengthens the case for an urgent inquiry into what happened at the fort.

"The reported conduct of the CIA operatives is disturbing, specifically the apparent threat of execution.

"All personnel involved in the custody and interrogation of prisoners should be fully aware that death threats against prisoners violate international human rights and humanitarian law.

"The US, UK and United Front should reconsider their position and hold an inquiry without further delay.

"Amnesty International has suggested that they consider calling on the UN or the International Fact-Finding Commission to conduct a preliminary inquiry."

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