Gani Patail- don't blame the dog, blame its owner

Eversince the defacto Law Minister prematurely announced the appointment of Gani Patail as the new AG taking over from the independent minded,  law abiding and no-pushover Ainoom Said, there's tremendous public outcry against the said appointment.  The appointment marks another blot in the administration of criminal justice in Malaysia.  The public's agitation to Gani's appointment is similar to their opposition to Mohtar Abdullah's elevation to the Federal Court.  Both appointment is a mockery to the country's criminal justice system.

To be fair to these two lowly creatures, both Gani and Mohtar belonged to Mahathir.  In fact like any loyal 'dogs', Mahathir owned these two creatures and it is only natural for Mahathir to put these two 'dogs' in a position that they could loyally and faithfully serve and protect him, their master.  That is the only reason for their appointments; namely to protect Mahathir from criminal prosecution for his massive corruption, criminal acts and abuse of power, apart from Mahathir's natural duty to reward and feed his 'dogs' who had served him loyally.

It was Mahathir who directed these two 'dogs' to prosecute Anwar on those baseless charges and to secure a conviction at whatever costs with the help of another of his 'dog' Eusoff Chin.  Gani and Mohtar, like any loyal dogs serving its master has to do the master's bidding no matter what the implication is. 

 Mahathir has to sully Anwar's image with allegations of sexual scandals but do not have the evidence to do so.  Therefore his 'dogs' has to get the evidence for him.  Therefore why blame these 'dogs' when the fault lies with its owner, namely Mahathir.

To most Malaysians, it would be an affront to us to have an AG-designate and a future Chief Justice who behave like 'dogs' and are  literally and figuratively owned by Mahathir.  The implication to Malaysia's criminal justice system when both Gani and Mohtar become the AG and the Chief Justice respectively is that Mahathir will infact be the defacto AG and the defacto Chief Justice by virtue of the fact that both his 'dogs' occupy that position.  That is the implication of both appointments.  It can only spell disaster to the country when Mahathir is already now the defacto IGP and the defacto Yang di Pertuan Agong.

Instead of heaping our anger and wrath at the two 'dogs' which would not benefit anybody as they are not expected to think and act on their own, such anger and criticism should be levelled against their owner.  The owner should be criticized and reminded to cage his 'dogs' and not let the 'dogs' loose to bite and attack anybody whom the owner dislikes.

If you don't like the dogs, the best alternative for Malaysians  is to get rid of its' owner first.  Once the owner is not around, the dogs could be put to sleep forever.  And don't forget, any dog's owner would leap to the defence of their dogs when attacked or criticized.  This is because it is his dogs that will eventually protect him from external attack. Therefore the BAR Council's letter to the dogs' owner criticisizing his dogs is pointless.  Now the BAR Council found themselves being criticized by the dog's owner.

Don't blame the dogs.  Blame its' owner.  Mahathir has a mentality of a dog owner.  His loyal dogs are rewarded while others who have become not loyal are quickly eliminated.  Ask Anwar who loyally and faithfully served Mahathir for 18years.

The sad fact is that there are many people who are willing to be 'dogs' and owned by him.  The tragedy for the country is that he puts his 'dogs' in key positions and appointments.

Anyway, the future of this country lies with the people.  If the people wishes,  then there is every likelihood that both Gani and Mohtar will be the first AG and Chief Justice to be prosecuted for their past criminal acts, just like their owner.