US may not find success against Osama: Palmist

ISLAMABAD: Washington's war against Afghanistan may last six days to six months but will not bring any major success to the US, says palmist and numerologist Khalid Mustafa.

Mustafa made the prediction after a detailed study of the handprints of Saudi-born Osama Bin Laden, the prime suspect in the US terror attacks, as well as US President George Bush, reports SADA news agency.

Mustafa said: "The war will adversely affect the US image in the world, in addition to causing significant losses in men and material.

"October is a favourable period for Osama to wage a war. The whole of October will remain favourable for him in this respect."

Interestingly, Mustafa's study finds none of the two, Bush and Bin Laden, would die in the war.

The fortune-teller also sees no change in the Taliban rule of Afghanistan in the next three months.

Mustafa is a 36-year-old Islamabad-based corporate lawyer. His deep interest in numerology and palmistry has taken him to some of the internationally known experts in the field. Despite his deep study and keen interest, he does not use his art for earning livelihood.

His assessments are: Bin Laden is a Leo and has all characteristics associated with a Leo personality. He is a born leader, can establish corporate or other organization and can manage successfully. The lucky numbers include 1 and 3.

Bin Laden's birthday (July 30, 1957) is a day associated with warlords. Interestingly, Bin Laden shares his birthday with Adolf Hitler of Germany, who was born on the same date.

Bin Laden's name contains 13 letters. It can make a person reserved by nature.

"I see a perfect balance in Osama's name, as the value of the first letter is equal to sum of all letters i.e. six. This number develops interest in poetry and takes a person deep into thinking."

"The firmness of his hand, life and headline show that he has a lot of patience and can pass through any kind of hurdles. The square palm is a sign of practical approach. There seems to me a mental shock due to the death of someone in 2000."
( IANS )