Cheney Spends Third Day at Undisclosed Location

Reuters Photo
Reuters Photo


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vice President Dick Cheney was spending a third straight day at an undisclosed location as a security precaution, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer  said on Tuesday.

President Bush, who was at the White House, and top U.S. officials have warned about the possibility of reprisal attacks against Americans in response to military strikes in Afghanistan .

Cheney was moved from his northwest Washington residence to an undisclosed, secure location when the U.S.-led air raids began on Sunday. Officials described the move as a security precaution.

Fleischer told reporters the vice president ``participates directly'' in planning and strategy meetings. ``He has modern technology available to him at the undisclosed location.''

Asked if Cheney was in good health, Fleischer replied, ''Yes, he is.''

The 60-year-old vice president, who would take over if Bush were incapacitated or killed, has suffered from heart disease for more than two decades. He had a pacemaker device implanted in his chest in June after his doctors detected abnormal heart rhythms.

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