CBI officials to visit Malaysia in Bofors case
NEW DELHI: CBI officials would shortly visit Kuala Lumpur to help the counsel engaged by Indian government to argue against an appeal filed by the Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi in the high court there questioning the initiation proceedings to extradite him in connection with the Rs 64 crore Bofors pay off case.

For the hearing of the appeal before the Malaysian high court on October 22, the CBI would be sending officials there who would assist the counsel Cyrus Das to present Indian government's stand on the issue, CBI sources said on Thursday.

Quattrocchi's counsel Muhammed Safee Abdullah said that "the main hearing of the extradition has yet to commence and therefore no decision has yet been reached as to outcome of Quattrocchi's case. It is therefore inaccurate and wrong to assume that any such decision regarding any order made by a Kuala Lumpur court to extradite Quattrocchi has been reached."

In March 2000, India had sent its request to Malaysian government for extradition of Quattrocchi and the government there ordered initiation of extradition proceedings on December 15, 2000.

Challenging the decision of the Malaysian government to initiate the proceedings, Quattrocchi on January 18 this year moved the high court, which stayed the extradition proceedings.
( PTI )