America continues her raids and Pakistan she denies the terrorism about Taliban

Afghan citizens extract bodies she buried under buildings ruins that the American bombardment destroyed her

The American aeroplane attack Kabul and Galalabad during the night and in the morning and explosions in the cities suburbs

Talban denies separation in her lines existence and says
A found Khargitha minister in Kandahar and confirms that the Al-Mulla Amr and Bin Ladin by a good

The American president refuses a presentation from Talban by Bin Ladin s offering to the trial in a third country and if was not Islamic after proofs offering on his involvement

The American flight continued the blitz on Afghanistan during the night and in the morning and declared The Taliban that 12 civilian was killed in the last raids . Meanwhile Pakistan refused that disgraced The Taliban by the terrorism . And the movement denied from her side schisms existence in her lines quantitatively a visit denied a minister Khargitha Wakil Ahmad Mutawakkil to the United Arab Emirates or Pakistan .

And the mentioned news from the Afghan capital mentioned that the American flight waged in the morning the severer raids during the daytime on Kabul since the military operation start in Afghanistan day 7 October / the current October .

The aeroplane hovered over Kabul several times and tens explosions heard at least in the city surroundings after that by half hour . And the earthly opposite were aimed The Taliban has each rise to the aeroplane . And the acquisition on pieces of information did not become possible about an output to the victims . And enable clouds sight from the dust near the airport that was exposed to the bombardment several times since past week .

And appears that the American aeroplane became concentrating her attacks on Talban rules in the city surroundings and she near from the residential areas . And waged the raids at night yesterday of obedience sunday after her rumble sevens explosions at least . And said AlJazeera correspondent in Kabul the earthly opposite have Talban was the more activity during a daytime today a comparison with a night yesterday .

And penetrated the American aeroplane are morning raids today in Galalabad area Afghanistan east . And heard rumble tens explosions at least in the outskirts .

An afflicted Afghan baby in the American raids
And said a minister in Talban invites Haji is pious the god is my honourable " two bombs falls they on the place of our leadership in the east of Galalabad airport " but he did not give wherever pieces of information about the losses or the victims . eyewitness they informed that explosions rumbled in the city tips middle the aeroplane sounds in the atmosphere . And other news mentioned that tens explosions stood in Medina and that Talban defenses answered the blitz .

And confirmed an official in Talban that 12 civilian was killed and wound 32 other the American aeroplane in a blitz waged her on a residential area by a determined castle city the capital of the state Badghis is at the northwest of Afghanistan .

And AlJazeera correspondent in Afghanistan said that he believes that the last raids on Kabul aimed at the backs lines and the provision sources to Talban forces after the American aeroplane completed the positive military targets beating . And the correspondent added that the bombardment did not include the front lines to the movement that combats the North alliance forces in the main fight axes .

Pakistan denies the terrorism about Talban
Riyad Mohammad Khan
Meanwhile Pakistan today declared that she The Taliban RULING does not consider Afghanistan a terrorist movement and this did not consider her the previous and demanded the war time shortening that the United States wage to Ossama Bin Ladin s chase .

And speaking in the name of the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Riyad Mohammad Khan today Pakistan do not consider my official the RULING The Taliban in Kabul " terrorist " . And added in a press conference an hour before the advent of the American Foreign Minister Koln Baol is to Islam Abad that " Talban forces are not terrorist and we did not consider them always terrorist " .

And meets Baol tomorrow the Pakistani Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar and the president is Musharaf Broiz before he makes for India . And the conversations will deal with the American military operation in Afghanistan and the future of this country . And declared " her complete cooperation " with the American initiation to an international campaign attack to a struggle what he is named the terrorism . And have opened her aerial domain and two foundations on her earths to the American operations in Afghanistan .

And these declarations come after a brief period from declarations to the Pakistani president Musharaf Broiz mentioned in her that he will advise the United States by that " she disposes of " first than the AlMulla Mohamed Omar of Talban leader before she collapses on Ossama Bin Ladin .

And he said Musharaf in a joint meeting that performed her with him Yo s newspaper is an exponent yes Today and Si s television network is by me an exponent before the visit of the American Foreign Minister to Islam Abad in a next time today " fold on the Al-Mulla Amr and Osama he will not manage to the action " . And added " she should dispose of the Centre of gravity " indicative to the Al-Mulla Amr " I was will doing him if that I operate this attack " .


Musharaf Broiz

And Musharaf in the meeting confirmed that he believes that the American military campaign is on Afghanistan she will not continue long the escape from completed Talban leaders . And doubted Musharaf is in that Talban manages strength gathering enough to the defeat of the American forces when a terrestrial attack attack completes in Afghanistan finally .

And he is reported about him his saying " the campaign may end during a day if you dispose of from the Al-Mulla Amr and his leadership and an once that you do that then this campaign she will end " . And Musharaf added that Pakistan do not know Bin Ladin s place and but he said the intelligences bureau Pakistani and her officials they with the leaders of the local Albshton work in an attempt to the finding on him .

Talban denies the variations
On the level himself The Taliban denied the reports that refer to schisms existence in her lines and said that a Khargitha minister did not make for Emirates as mentioned the news agency and considered the talk about schisms in her lines a propaganda from the enemies production . And Talban confirmed that AlMulla Mohamed Omar and Ossama Bin Ladin is by a good and why Ysaba by a harm .

And spokesman in the name of Abdul Hayy s Talban and reassuring said that dependent did not make for Emirates confirming that the Afghan minister did not travel this to Pakistan quantitatively she propagated the news agency .

By regarding the talk that circulated about split existence inside Talban the consul in Talban embassy by Mohammad s Islam Abad said ascetic is an inn Agha " this is a propaganda from our enemies she is not found always split probability " .

A soldier from Talban near the ack-ack in Kabul
And added Agha that an united Talban is behind her higher leader AlMulla Mohamed Omar and that this enabled her the resistance in the face of the aerial attacks that the United States lead on Afghanistan . And confirmed that " dependent on a loyalty to Lmla Amr like and rest is Talban leaders " . And Agha clarified that he talked to dependent the one that was found is in Talban fort by Kandahar noon yesterday .

And have reported about diplomatic sources in the Islam Abad of her saying dependent and found in Pakistan just before the visit of the American Foreign Minister is Koln Baol and she predicted that that may act a split in The Taliban leadership lines .

And the agencies added that a specific delegation is from toward the previous Afghan king Mohammad Zahr Shah a heading also to Islam Abad to conversations operation with the Pakistani leadership who forced to this meeting . And the agencies reported about the sources of her saying she sees that simultaneousness and the generosity of Afghan personalities there may pave the way in front of the attainment to a settlement what to the war stop and a new provisional government formation in Afghanistan .

The North alliance arrangements
Meanwhile one of the North alliance leaders confirmed that they formed a security unity from thousand element as part of an urgent plan to the situation management in Kabul when he obliges Talban on the leaving from her neglecting by that an appeal from Talban by the enrolment to her against the American forces . And said that the general Haji Almaz is an inn the mission of this security strength supplied with by lights weapons she is the security provision till government formation completes to the countries . And the general Khan added HATEM the unity that her configuration completed she will be separated totally about the combating departments to the alliance .

In in the context of a Taimz New York newspaper mentioned that the American president George Buch thinks now in Washington function and her allies to a new government formation by Afghanistan if Talban regime falls in the current war . And have invited Talban the North allied opposed to her to the enrolment to her to an united bloc formation against what names him the American invasion to Afghanistan . And this invitation comes in the time that declared in him the movement is about some profits achievement by her restoration an area in Bamian state middle the countries .

And the intelligences president in Talban said that the movement is desirous in the addition of the field leaders to the opposition to her lines to the fight confronting the American aerial hits . And continental added praise the god that the leader of movement is AlMulla Mohamed Omar he issued his orders by non the weapons confiscation from my warrior the opposition that joins the movement lines .

Buch refuses Talban display

George Buch

In Washington he refused the American president George Buch newer he from The Taliban defamed Bin Ladin s acceptance to a third country to his trial after the proofs offering . And said Buch to the journalistic have his return to the White House next from the resort of the presidential Kamb Difd " when I said no negotiations I was meaning no negotiations .. We know that he is guilty .. They delivered him " .

And suggested Talban delivery of the bigger required person in the universe to a third country to his trial after Washington gives her proofs that prove his involvement in the last attacks on condition that this country is neutral . And the display of the new Talban does not differ from the previous displays except that her became not stipulating that the third country is Islamic as the movement invited to the operation of direct conversations with the American side .

This initiation comes after a day of Mla Muhammad Omar s declarations a refusal in her president Buch claiming to the movement by Bin Ladin s delivery and said that he an agreement is not found to the suspect exchange between the two sides . And he was a Molawi Galalabad ruler Abd Alkbir that have informed journalistic I avoid the evening of that the movement is ready to the thinking in Ossama Bin Ladin s delivery to a third country " he do not submit to the United States influence and he is not close from Talban " and that she begins direct negotiations between the two sides .

And have allowed Talban to these the journalistic by the areas visit that witnessed the rumble she in an attempt said that the aim from her refuted what the United States lies named non murder civilian in the attacks .