Israeli-American Writer Calls for Destruction Of Ka`ba


CAIRO, Oct 1 (IslamOnline & News Agencies) - An Israeli-American writer invited the Western world to destroy the Ka`ba, the house of Allah, built by the Prophet Ibrahim and his son Isma`il, and to which Muslims turn to in times of prayer fives times a day.

In an article entitled "Time to face Mecca," published in the Israeli Insider Online Magazine, Reuven Koret said, "Should the jihadists (Muslim strugglers) ever again dare to execute a genocidal assault on the people and symbols of Western civilization - let them know beyond any possible doubt that they will have no direction in which to turn when they bow and worship their deity of destruction."

Commenting on the article, the Egyptian independent weekly Al-Usboo said, "Those who think that the upcoming war is not a crusade, or who claim that the comments expressed by U.S. President George W. Bush was just a slip of the tongue must think twice and be prepared for what's to come. This article is one of the mad calls that prove that we need to be prepared for the worst scenario."

Koret said that the destruction of the World Trade Center complex and the Pentagon are a "great danger", claiming it would become a "precedent" for future outrages. 

"Within months or years, if not now, the fundamental Islamic states and terror groups will have at their disposal nuclear weapons to complement their existing stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. As the abomination in New York proves, they will not hesitate to use genocide as a policy."

Koret demanded "a new strategy of deterrence calculated to stop the momentum of radical Islam that is threatening the free world. The Islamic fanatics have declared jihad - [struggle] - against the West. An appropriate and immediate response is imperative."

"Next in line, if the Jihadists have their way, will be the White House, the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Kremlin. All are at immediate risk, everyone knows it, and the inspired followers of radical Islam have had their appetites opened," claimed Koret.

The West, says Koret, must find ways to deter the "Jihadist", that is "by understanding and answering them in terms of their value system, not ours. Will it do anyone any good to bomb the airport of Kabul, or the military bases of the Taliban? Been there, done that. The concentrated efforts of the Western World did not bring Saddam Hussein to his knees. George Bush senior failed, and George Bush junior will be scorned at if that is the main approach."

Instead, Koret's suggestion is, "In Mecca there are two tall towers, minarets that stand guard over a large black box that serves as the object of worship for the faithful, the destination of their holy pilgrimage. It is to this symbolic object to which all Moslems pray.

"Americans, like Israelis, are distinguished among the nations in their respect for innocent human life. We will not as a policy target civilians, and if civilians are harmed as an unintended result of a military action, they will be genuinely sorry.

"But the Western World must first protect its own people, and that means creating a deterrent policy that will make the next suicide bombers and their masters think twice. Whether it is publicly announced or merely communicated through quiet channels, the Jihadists must know with absolute certainty that the next outrage against a Western target will prompt an immediate and massive military strike against a prominent symbol of Islam.

"No one can doubt that the destruction of one or more of the sacred symbols of Islam - even without harming a single civilian - would send the Moslem world into an anti-Western frenzy."

He added that the only solution is to attack Mecca, "The West must face Mecca now, dealing directly with the threat that the cowards of Jihad have forced us to confront, speaking to murderers in the only language they understand."