Part 13

Similarly Qur’an points out the well-known fact that the battle (is) by turns, (one) day (victory) is for you- (the other ) day (victory) is for others- a Allah said :

If a wound (and killing) has touched you, be sure a similar wound (and killing) has touched the others,.  And so are the days (good and not so good), We give to men by turns…(V.3:140).

And He made “ the mutual consultation “ as one of the legal foundations in order to make an exact decision, particularly in important matters like Jihad and dealing with enemies, etc. and He praised His believers- slaves for this quality by His Statement :

…And who (conduct) their affairs by mutual consultation (V.42 : 38).

And in spite of the perfection of the intelligence of Allah’s Messenger and along with his being helped by Divine Inspiration still Allah ordered him (saying):

…And consult them in the affairs…..(V.3: 159)

So that his followers may follow his example after him.

Similarly the Qur’an warned (the believers) from committing sins ( both in open and in secret) small sins or great sins… and He informed them that Allah’s Help does not descend upon the disobedient sinners :

Those of you who turned back on the day, the two hosts met (i.e.battle of Uhud), it was Satan who caused them to backslide  ( run away from the battlefield) because of some (sins) they had earned… (V.3:155).

Allah has absolutely forbidden any dispute on any matter concerning the fighting (battle) and to be always in complete agreement (about it), and informed them that the dispute is the reason for the failure and the losing of the strength and kingdom:

And do not dispute (with one another) lest you lose courage and your strength depart, and be patient. Surely Allah is with those who are patient (V.8:46).

And to beware of fleeing from the enemy during the fight (battle), and it is one of the biggest sins and its committers (the defeated ones) are threatened with crushing punishments:

O you who believers! When you meet those who disbelieve in a battlefield, never turn your backs to them. (V.8:15).

And whosoever turns his back to them on such a day,-unless it be a stratagem of war, or to retreat to a troop (of his own)- he indeed has drawn upon himself the wrath form Allah. And his abode is Hell, worst indeed is that destination !(V.8:16).

Allah forbade Al-Ghulul ( stealing from the war booty before its distribution)i.e. the taking (a part) of war booty illegally, and warned the Muslims with an extreme warning. And that person who takes it, shall bring it forth ( on the Day of Resurrection ) carrying it over his back and neck, being tortured by its heavy burden and weight, terrified with its voice, rebuked for his dishonesty in front of all the witnesses (mankind and the present ones):

It is not for any Prophet to take illegally a part of booty (Ghulul), and whosoever deceives his companions as regards the booty, he shall bring forth on the Day of Resurrection that which he took (illegally). Then every person shall be paid in full what he has earned,- and they shall not be dealt with unjustly. (V.3:161).