Part 14

Similarly one should be cautions, not to fight (with the intention) to show off, or for good reputation or for dignity, or for pride and haughtiness, or for the clamour (noise) of nationalism and for false – forged slogans. Whenever the Messenger appointed a Commander –in-Chief for an army unit, he used to advise him specially to be afraid and dutiful to Allah , and to be good to those Muslims who were accompanying him. He then used to say (to that Commander):

“Invade in the Name of Allah and for the Cause of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah . Invade and do not press heavily by exceeding the limits, and do not betray, and do not kill children……”

And he (the Prophet) used to say to his companions when they intended invasion :

“Proceed in the Name of Allah and for Allah and upon the Religion of Allah’s Messenger: Do not kill the very old or a child or a woman and do not press heavily by exceeding the limits. Collect the (war) booty, reconcile, and do good as Allah loves the good-doers”. 

For that, the Messenger and those who believed in him were tried with pleasant trials (martyrdom or mighty reward) to make victorious this religion (Islam) and to invite others for it (Islam). So Allah assisted them with victory and sent down upon them tranquility and helped them with angels and united their hearts and cast terror into the hearts of their enemies.

  So fight in the Cause of Allah (for) Islamic Faith (worshipping none but Allah Alone) and sincerely (for Allah’s sake) and to make victorious Allah’s Religion till it become superior over all religions, and mankind is brought out, (1) from the darkness into the light, (2) from the worshipping of the slaves (created false gods) to the worshipping of Allah Alone (the only true God), (3) from the distress of the world to its wideness (ease) and (4) from the injustices of the religions to the justice of Islam. They knew well that Allah has guaranteed them victory and promised them that they will be the conquerors. So they were sure of Allah’s Support, and of his Messenger’s promise and considered the matter easy with a small or great (number) and thought little of the fears and dangers. They remembered the Statement of Allah :

If Allah helps you, none can overcome you……(V.3:160)

And that they are troops of Allah and that they are fighting in Allah’s Cause, and surely Allah will help and support them and will defeat their enemies , as their enemies fight for the cause of Satan.