Part 15

Here is the example of ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab. as he consulted his companions regarding sending troops to Iraq ( foe the battle of Nahawand). ‘Ali bin Abi Talib said to him (‘Umar) :  “O Chief of the believers! This matter cannot be “ victory or defeat” because of a great number , or a small number but it is His (Allah’s Religion which He has made superior and His troops which he has honoured and supported (them) with the angels till it reached (far) what it has reached . We have been promised (victory) by Allah, and Allah fulfills His promise and supports His troops”.

And here is the example of Khalid bin Walid as he came from Iraq, a man from the Arab Christians said to Khalid : “ How great is the number of Romans and how small is the number of Muslims? Khalid replied : Woe to you! Do you make me afraid of the Romans?… But the greatness of the troops are with victory and the smallness of the troops are with defeat, not with the number of men, by Allah I wish if the red ones (i.e. the camels and the horses) are cured from their journey hurts, I will proceed to attack them (Romans) even if their number is doubled. (The hoofs of his horse had chafed and received injuries during its return from Iraq to Al- Madina)”

They used to endanger their lives, used to do wonders and extraordinary deeds being sure of Allah’s help, depending upon His promise as it happened in the Islamic army under the commandership of Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas. He stood in front of the town of Al-Midian and could not find any ship or boat (it become completely impossible for him to find anything of that sort) and the water of the river Tigris (Iraq) increased tremendously with overflooding (its water became dark) and it overthrew its foam from excessive water in it. Sa’d addressed the people (troops) over its bank (saving) : “I have resolved to cross this sea (great river) in order to assault them (the enemy)”. They (the people) replied: “May Allah direct us and you to follow the right path. So please do it”. Then he (Sa’d) rushed heedlessly into the (river) Tigris with his horse and all the people (his troops) too rushed heedlessly into it (Tigris) and not a single man remained behind from him; so they marched over it as if they were marching over the surface of the earth , till they filled it (the space) between its two banks and one could not see the water surface from the cavalry and the foot-soldiers. The people spoke to one another over the surface of water as they used to speak to one another over the surface of earth. So when the Persians (army) saw them they said: Diwan…Diwan, (i.e. mad people… mad people). By Allah! You are not fighting against human beings, but against jinns.” On that Sa’d started saying:

“Allah is sufficient for us and He is the Best Disposer (for our affairs); by Allah! Surely Allah will give victory to His friends; verily, Allah will make superior His Religion, and verily Allah will defeat (over power) His enemy , as long as there are neither adulterers nor committers of those (similar evil) sins in the army (Sa’d’s troops) , then the good deeds will overcome the evil”.