Part 18

And now they (Muslims) have deserted the Jihad and asked help from (their) enemies and protection from the disbelievers, begging them; turning towards them, expecting good from them. So they (Muslims) have become mean, despised before Allah in spite of their Islamic names and in spite of the presence of righteous pious persons amongst them in spite of the fact that some of the religious laws , signs and ceremonies are practiced in their countries.

One of the orientalists said : “When the Muslims turned away from their religious teachings and became ignorant of its wisdom and its laws, and deviated towards the contradictory (man-made) laws taken from the opinions of men, there spread in them immorality of character, falsehood, hypocrisy, ill-will and hatefulness increased in them. Their unity disintegrated and they became ignorant of their present and future state and became unaware of what will harm them or will benefit them. They have become contented with the life in which they eat, drink, sleep and compete not with others, in superiority”. All this is a visible fact, which every true believer feels, and which every enthusiastic person (about his religion) palpates in every community (nation) that gives up Al-Jihad and dips itself; (1) in a luxurious life, (2) in the worshipping of wealth and (3) in the love of this world.

History informs us: What the most wretched (Al-Maghool and At-Tatar) did to the Muslims? That which will sorrow the hearts and to be as if on the fire and will make the eyes shed tears……..

Ibn Al-Athir said : “I remained for many years , avoiding the mentioning of this accident because of its great magnitude, disliking to speak about it, so that I put a foot forward and another backward and thought deeply, who is there who can write the wailing and crying of the Muslims and who is there on whom it is easy to mention that …. wish that my mother had not delivered (brought) me……

Would that I had been dead before this, and had been forgotten and out of sight…..This job (work) includes the mentioning of the great event and the severe calamity which made the days an the nights extremely hard and bitter (barren) that no similar calamity will happen and that did befall ( cover) the mankind and particularly the Muslims”. IbnAl-Athir then mentioned the weaknesses of the Muslims and the empowering of their enemies over them….he said:” A woman from (the Tatars) entered a houses and killed a group from its dwellers and they thought her to be a man….one of them (the Tatars) entered a street in which there were one hundred men, he went on killing them one by one, till he killed them all, and not even a single man (out of the hundred) raised his hand against him ( the Tatar) to harm him…and humiliation was put over the men…so they did not defend themselves neither little nor more. We take refuge with Allah from being defeated (by the enemy)”. Ibn Al-Athir further said: “One of the tatar got hold of  a man and he (Tatar) could not find any (weapon) to kill him, so he told the man: “Put your head over this stone and do not move (keep it on)”….and so the man put his head over the stone and remained there till a man from the Tatars came with a sword and killed him….and there were many similar incidents”….