Part 19

So it is absolutely obligatory upon the Islamic nation, and particularly upon the religious scholars and the rulers from them to be obedient to Allah and to be dutiful to Him and to settle the matters if differences amongst themselves

and to propagate “The invitation to this religion (Islam) to others specially the off-springs, publish its good aspects, and instruct (teach) the people its (Islam’s) laws and wisdom as did the Muslim nobles of early days”. They (Muslim nobles of early days) strove hard in Allah’s Cause as they ought to have striven with sincerity and with all their efforts that His (Allah’s ) Name should be superior…They stood….inviting people to Allah’s Religion (Islam), explained to them the good aspects and the excellence of Islam… and that was the reason their kingdom was extended and their countries expanded , and they subjected others to its (Islam’s) teachings . It was not long before the descendants deviated from the Right Path, tore themselves into pieces after they had one united entity, they doubted the Truth, so, for them the path was separated  and they became as groups (and sects) having different (views and ) opinions opposing each other in their aims….So how can they be elevated ?… How can there can be any progress or priority possible for them while they are following the disbelieving nations, they drag along behind them , pursue their ways and footsteps and imitate their actions, small or great.

They judge their people with the contradictory (man-made) laws which conflict and clash with the Islamic laws, which were the origin of their honour and pride and in which was their peace and steadfastness. Allah said:

Do they then seek the judgement of (the Days of) Ignorance. And who is better in judgement than Allah for a people who have firm faith ? (V.5:50).

We beseech Allah to make victorious His Religion (Islam) and to make superior His Words and to lead all the Muslims to that in which His Pleasure is-


Sheikh ‘ Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid
(Saudi Arabia)