Opinion piece Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

Almost all Muslims have condemned the attack on innocent civilians of USA, while hardly any body condemns daily killings of Palestinian Muslims.

Today alone 10 Palestinian Muslims have been killed by guns and bullets provided by USA Tax payers!!!! Still we will keep condemning attacks on civilians regardless of their religion, ethnicity etc. This is because Islam teaches us Civilization while the Western Jahilia usually manifests in the most Serbaric forms. The Zionists follow Talmud; a doctrine of the worst racism.

The Talmudic doctrine is second to none and perhaps equal to their cow worshipper partners i.e. Hindus who reduce other human beings to untouchables. Both racist and State Terrorists are fully backed by the Western powers. The recent attacks on New York and Washington are carried out by Mossad (Israeli Secret agency) with full backing of Zionist elements in FBI and CIA. It should be noted that President Clinton(Whose mother and wife were most probably of Zionist lineage) had appointed an Israeli agent as USA ambassador to Israel!!! He granted him US citizenship in record few days in order to induct him into the most sensitive offices of USA!

The recent attacks on USA raises several pertinent questions:

* Were there four highly trained terrorist pilots or the planes were remotely controlled?

* Why planes were allowed to fly for about 30 minutes without diverting it to some other places

* What has happened to all security, FBI, CIA etc?

If the terrorists were Arabs or Palestinians then they would have taken the planes to Israel and dropped it at the head of the mass killer Sharon.

In all likelihood Israel and the Zionists in high places of the Government of Unites States are responsible for the cowardly and inhumane attacks. The reasons are as follows:


* To defame Muslims and Islam so that Americans and Europeans may not enter in the folds of Islam.

* Worlds attention be deviated from the almost continuous and constant daily killings of innocent Palestinians and gravest possible massacre of human rights by Israel

* To harass Muslims in USA and other Western countries.

* To fail annual anniversary of Mass Killings of Shatilla and Sabira refugee camps where thousands of innocent unarmed women, children and elderly were axed to death by active Israeli participation

The Past is the mirror of the Present. Israel had been involved in many terrorist attacks against USA and the West including:

* Sinking of USA naval ship Liberty and killing several USA naval personnel.

* Killing of 200 US marines in Beirut

* Stealing Uranium from Pennsylvania and developing over 300 atomic bombs

* Robbing trillions of dollars from USA economy

* Capturing business,media, health, justice and politics though worst unethical means

* Killing USA society through pornography, gambling and underground crimes

* Bombing World Trade Center by hidden Mossad agent of Israel i.e.Josie Hudas and blaming his driver Salama and then using Salama to defame Islam and Muslims and put several innocent Muslims behind bars. An American Lady Lawyer described this as the worst massacre of Justice in USA.

* Killing of President John F. Kennedy

* Killing of Princes Diana when she was about to marry a Muslim

* Storage of arms and ammunition in Israeli embassies e.g. in Spain to supply the weapons to various criminal and terrorists groups in Europe

* Brutal attack on Chechnya through Muscovite Jew Mr. Putin. The move was fully backed by State Secretary James Baker and Vice President Al-Gore who personally visited Moscow to give green signal. Later delicious chocolates were provided to Russian soldiers who were actively involved in genocide.

* Killings of the popular president of Georgia in order to bring Shawardnaze (A die hard Zionist) as President. The move was fully supported by US Government.

This is the high time to educate USA public who is made hostage of baseball, women, wine, crimes, and lust and poor economy. These nave Americans must be educated about reality and truth.

The current attack on USA is highly organized, orchestrated and coordinated carried out with full support of the USA administration. This support must have come from the Zionist elements deeply entrenched in USA administration.

Anwar Ul Haque