President Bush masterminded terrorist attacks on New York's WTC?

Assalamualaikum wm wbt,

I am against terrorism. I wish to make this very clear from the very beginning.

The western media especially CNN was quick to point the accusing finger on Osama bin Laden and Muslim jihad groups for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks which completely destroyed New York’s World Trade Centre (WTC) and a section of the Pentagon in Washington. It is understandable given Osama bin Laden’s reputation that he and his group are immediately being accused even before investigations on the attacks got underway. Till such time when concrete evidence is found which conclusively and beyond all doubts link Osama bin Laden or Muslim jihad groups to the attacks, anybody could be the perpetrator of those attacks, even President George W Bush himself no matter how ridiculous it seems.

Yes, it may seem ridiculous to even suggest that President George W Bush is the perpetrator or mastermind behind the terrorist attacks on his own country. But we do not want to leave any stone unturned, right? We therefore should not dismiss the possibility of President Bush himself being the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and WTC on September 11, 2001.

It would be recalled that at the end of the 1980’s when the Soviet Union collapsed and was dismembered, the then President of the United States, George Bush (father of the present President) declared that with the removal of the communist threat, Islam is the new enemy of the ‘civilized’ West. The US President then embarked on the policy of the containment of Islam. On the fight against international terrorism, especially Islamic ‘terrorist’ groups, President George Bush however failed to gain support on his controversial proposal to wage war against countries alleged to be harbouring and supporting terrorist groups. His son, George W Bush is now the President of the United States and as such there is always this possibility that the son is carrying on from where the father had left in the policy of the containment of Islam.

When George Bush junior took over the Presidency he brought in those who had previously been prominent in his father’s administration such as Cheney and Powell. Cheney and Powell were actively involved in Operation Desert Storm against Muslim Iraq and they are believed to be equally paranoid of Islam as their former boss, Bush (senior) was and still is. In fact, George Bush junior is believed to be nothing more than the puppet of the senior Bush in running the country.

The ‘terrorist’ attacks on the Pentagon and WTC are just the sort of traumatic developments needed to easily push through the policy on the containment of Islam, especially the retaliatory military action against Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Iran which are suspected of harbouring and supporting Muslim ‘terrorist’ groups.

If President Bush and his father (the former President) are in fact the perpetrators of the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, then Afghanistan is their main target. It must be remembered that one of the main political objectives for the punitive attack on Iraq in 1990 was to smash the myth of Islamic solidarity besides completely annihilating Islam to the point that Muslims the world over would be a highly broken and demoralised lot.

Afghanistan’s successful war against the invading Soviet forces however ensured that the spirit of Muslims remained high and that Afghanistan become a reference for most young Muslims of a successful jihad in modern times. In the calculations of the Bush family Afghanistan must be destroyed to ensure that Muslims the world over would walk the earth with broken spirits and with heads hung low.

The new Bush (junior) administration which came into power after a highly controversial US elections also require something like the attacks on the Pentagon and WTC to gain the unequivocal support and backing of the nation.

Hence, there are many reasons to suspect that the Bush administration could have paid the terrorist groups (including the Arab elements) to stage the suicidal attacks on the Pentagon and WTC. Of course it would be the families of the ‘terrorists’ who would benefit from their suicidal mission.

As I had mentioned earlier it may seem ridiculous to think that President George W Bush is the mastermind. But then there are valid reasons to even suspect the President.

I rest my case. Ha ha ha.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

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