Early this morning ( 23 Sept ) I got a call from a Chinese friend. We used to work in the same construction project a few years ago.

I was surprised as the last time I talked to him was before the 1999 election.

“Dielah like this” he said right after introducing himself.

This even made me more surprised and asked him what was the matter.

“Why you never hear anything ? Those buggers think they own DAP ? This is all Kit Siang and itu Benggali punya pasal, itu Karpallah” he replied.

I told him to relax and asked him since when did he join DAP.

“Sorrylah, I want to release tension only. I already joined DAP in 1982 but I never did tell anyone. You knowlah, the bosses all UMNO and MCA. If everbody know, sure dielah. Mesti kena ‘hentam’ punya” he said.

“So what is this ‘Karpal punya pasal’ all about” I asked him.

“Not everybody inside DAP want to leave BA. Some leaders only. All these fellow like Kit Siang and Karpal sudah kalah in 1999. Now they try to blame PAS. They are scared that they will loose again in 2004. My branch already discussed the matter so many times and we don’t want to ‘cerai’ with PAS. Now if we leave BA, dielah, who want to help us? Do you know that only 18 out 27 CEC members attended the meeting to leave BA ? Why so many absent one ?” he said again.

I told him that in Ampang Jaya during the 1999 General Election, PAS provided the DAP candidate in the Ampang state seat with hundreds of election workers. I also told him that DAP had only less than 20 full-time workers on the ground.

“That is whylah, for the first time since 13 May, DAP has been accepted by the Malays. We can go ‘ceramah’ in kampungs without being chased with ‘kapak’, ‘parang’ and ‘cangkul’ like in 1970’s. Everybody knows that 70% of the Malays are supporting BA. Now after we ‘cerai’ with PAS, I don’t think we can get any of the Malay vote. Some more go and insult PAS leaders. Maybe this time if we want to ceramah in kampungs, they will chase us like before. I think the Malays will hate us more than after 13 May” he added.

“But, surely you guys will get the Chinese votes. Isn’t that the intention of your leaders?” I enquired.

“Maybelah can win up to15 seats but still very hard. BN already give MCA one university, now even my mother doesn’t want to vote DAP ! But this is the new milleniumlah ‘kawan’, we should go national not be “katak bawah tempurung” and stay inside the Chinese community. PAS have two MB’s but DAP 'punya MP pun boleh kira' ! Kit Siang can never be CM of Penang without Malay support !” my friend replied.

Before I could make any comments he continued ...........

“Where got PAS ask DAP to throw away the concept of Malaysian Malaysia! PAS respects DAP ‘punya’ princinple although it was the idea of PAP and Lee Kuan Yew. PAS leaders like Nik Aziz can explain this concept to the Malays and PAS did not loose their support from the Malays because of this. Itu sebab saya kata Nik Aziz banyak pandai punya orang. But DAP ‘punya’ leaders want to ‘kacau’ PAS ‘punya’ Islamic state. Some more they cannot explain to the Chinese. It is true that the papers ‘hentam’ everyday. That is their job, dia BN punya paper, mesti sokong BN. But DAP leaders only know how to complaint and ‘cari’ excuse” he added again.

I then asked him what he is going to do about the whole affair.

“Actually, Encik Iskandar, I am holding a KeAdilan membership form in my hand” he said confidently.

The phone then went dead due to some interference but I am sure my Chinese friend is quite alive on the other end.

Iskandar A. Samad
Ampang Jaya
23 September 2001