Former US Air force Pilots Behind WTC, Pentagon Attacks: Iranian Daily

The Iranian Kayhan evening newspaper revealed that the perpetrators of Tuesday’s attacks in New York and Washington were former pilots in the US Air Force, and that hijacking in fact did not take place but was used to cover the real scenario of the incidents. 

Kayhan cited from American reports that the pilots’ not using the alarm button, usually used in emergency or danger circumstances, is still considered one of the most obscure clues in this case. This indicates, according to the newspaper, that the four pilots carried out the suicide operation in purpose, and that the hijacking story is not correct. The report disclosed that three of those pilots were former Vietnam veterans, while the brother of the fourth died in that war. The report listed the names of the pilots as follows:

1) Charles Berlingim, Flight 77’s pilot. He ploughed his plane into Pentagon where he worked for several years. 

2) Jason Dahil, Flight 93’s pilots. His plane was shot down over Pennsylvania. His brother (Kenneth) killed in Vietnam in 1971 at an age of 20 years. 

3) Joe Agotawski, Flight 11’s pilot. He ploughed into the World Trade Center’s first tower. 

4) Victor Sarasini, Flight 75’s pilot. He ploughed into the second tower. 

The newspaper referred to the clear contradiction in the information disclosed by the two airline companies, American Airlines and United Airlines, and the one disclosed by the FBI. 

Three days after the incident, the FBI issued a list of the passengers’ names including the names of the 19 alleged Arabs whose names were not in the companies’ list issued a day after the incident. However, Kayhan stopped at journalistic reports that indicated no trails of a plane being crashed at the Pentagon. Also it focused on the fourth plane that was shot down by US warplanes in Pennsylvania and that the pilot did not plough the plane by himself in defiance to hijackers’ request to head to a populated area. 

The newspaper based its information on what the French Agency mentioned that pieces of the plane were found four miles away from crash site, which means the plane was blown out in the sky by missiles fired from US warplanes, according to the newspaper.